7 Signs of an Entrepreneur

7 Signs of an Entrepreneur
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Are you an entrepreneur? Are you the kind of person who has the right personality type to successfully run your own business?

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Most aspiring entrepreneurs feel it in their bones — they were born to be an entrepreneur, to the point where nothing else in life could satisfy them. They’re dissatisfied as employees, followers or consumers.


It requires an entrepreneurial fire in your belly to start a business and make it succeed. Not really everyone has it.How do you know if you’ve got what it takes to start a business? There is actually no chance to know without a doubt. However , I actually do find elements in common among the emotional and family fabric of men and women ready to consider an entrepreneurial opportunity.


There’s no need to match all seven of these categories to be a good candidate for entrepreneurship. But it almost certainly wouldn’t hurt. Generally speaking, the more you have in common with these characteristics, the closer you probably are to being ready to try going out on your own.


#1 You come from a type of individuals that could not be employed by somebody else. I don’t mean that in a negative way. People who are successful at creating their own business enterprise tend to have had parents who worked for themselves. It is almost always easier to get a job with a company than to start your own business; people who strike out on their own usually have the direct example of a parent or guardian to look to.


#2 You’re a terrible employee. No need to sugar-coat this one. People that start their own businesses tend to have been fired from or quit more than one job. I’m not saying you were laid off for lack of work or moved from one work to a better-paying one. You were asked to leave, or perhaps you quit before they could fire you. Think of it as the marketplace telling you that the only person who can effectively motivate and manage you is yourself.


#3 As an entrepreneur you see one or more definitions of “job security.” I am truly envious of the few people I know who have stayed with one employer for 25 or 30 years. They look very secure. However , how many people do you know who are able to stay with one company for that long? In a rapidly changing economy, job security can be frighteningly fleeting.


#4 You’ve gone as far as you can go, or you’re not heading anywhere at all. In some cases the motivation to get started on a new venture comes from having reached the very best of the pile where you are, looking around, and saying, What’s next ?” Early achievement can be wonderful, but early retirement life can sometimes drive energetic and motivated people totally crazy.


#5 You have done the market research already. Don’t even talk to me about your wonderful business idea if you haven’t put the time into figuring out if there’s a market for your product or service. As the people behind any number of failed Internet ventures will tell you, “cool” doesn’t necessarily translate into “profitable.” Don’t bother building the idea if you haven’t figured out whether there’s a good chance the customers will come.


#6 You have got the support of your family. Beginning a business is stressful under the best of circumstances. Trying to do it without the support of your spouse or other significant family members or friends would probably be unbearable.


#7 As an entrepreneur you understand you cannot do it alone. You might excel at promoting a business. Maybe you love running the financial end of the business. You may be someone who starts a business because you have unique creative or technical know-how to create a product.


Any of the above is possible, but it’s unlikely that you are going to excel at all of these tasks – or at all of the tasks involved in running any kind of business. Ignore all that doing it alone stuff. You are going to need some help sometime even if you start your own home based business or join mlm, direct sales company. Check our webinars how to become Modere Entrepreneur for more home based business inspiration. Reserve your seat here.



The willingness to get that help – having employees, partners or consultants for those areas in which you are not an expert – is one indicator of likely future success. “No successful entrepreneur has ever succeeded alone,” development consultant Ernesto Sirolli writes in “Ripples From the Zambezi.” “The person who is most capable of enlisting the support of others is the most likely to succeed.”


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